Do This in December

Do This in December

We just finished a big holiday with family and friends. I am sure most of us had healthy portions of turkey, stuffing and just a few tastes of the deserts. I hope that you used some restraint while still enjoying your favorite holiday foods. In any case, I am throwing down a challenge for you for the month of December!

December is typically a month of parties, dinners and celebrations. Many people completely blow off the month and tell themselves they will work on their diet and exercise program come January. They usually gain several pounds in December and very often don’t actually start an exercise or healthy diet program until later in the early spring if they do it at all. (Studies* have shown actually showed most people who make New Year’s resolutions to diet and exercise fail to be successful in January and actually don’t make significant healthy changes until later in the year). 

(* see and for examples of studies about New Year’s resolution-based goals.)

The Challenge

I challenge you to take a step in the right direction now by exercising every day in the month of December. You will prevent falling into the fat trap and you will definitely feel great about your healthy steps while also getting to celebrate with family, friends, and co-workers during all the festivities throughout the month. 

I bet that if you exercise every day you will also make better choices when it comes to your diet. I want you to set the goal for yourself to exercise for a minimum of 20- 30 minutes every single day. Your exercise can be as simple as walking each morning, at lunch or after work. You can exercise by using a treadmill, an elliptical machine, using resistance bands, weights, going to the gym, playing tennis or using an exercise video program(many free ones on YouTube etc). Any one or a combination of these exercises will work just fine. The minimum you need to get started is a few bucks for a pair of sneakers!

Always Have a Plan

Make a plan for the time you will exercise every day so it will actually happen. You need to think of exercise as a necessity in your life just like eating, working, and sleeping. I guarantee you will feel great about your commitment. Healthy in body = healthy in mind. When you take care of yourself, you tend to improve the way you care for other people and commitments in your life too. Now go exercise!

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